• 2star

    2Star is a young Made in Italy brand operating in the casual and sport-chic footwear market. The 2Star sneaker line has an unmistakable style, and is aimed at all fashion lovers who want to feel free to express themselves and appear, to be the center of attention, to be the stars of their own life. This concept probably inspired the choice of the logo, consisting of two superimposed stars.

  • Aeronautica Militare

    The Aeronautica Militare brand offers complete looks for men and women capable of satisfying both formal and casual styles, with very comfortable and original garments to be at the top on any occasion.

  • Alessia D'Errico

    A 100% made in Italy brand, which offers elegant formal dresses, produced with excellent quality fabrics and materials. A sophisticated style, suitable for women who want an important outfit for an important occasion but who don't want to give up their personality. Choose the right garment for you from Brogi!

  • Antica Cuoieria

    The Antica Cuoieria brand has always focused on quality: from the choice of materials to the realization, passing through the study of the design of the shoe, each procedure is followed with craftsmanship. The tradition of the Tuscan shoe masters and the long history of the shoe factory accompany every moment of the creation of the shoe, respecting the authenticity of Made In Tuscany.

    The expert hands of the Antica Cuoieria artisans know how to create refined and elegant shapes, while the choice of fine and soft leathers guarantees the comfort and resistance of the footwear.

  • Antony Morato

    Lively and contemporary, the Antony Morato brand speaks of a new generation of conscious consumers, who consider fashion a way to express themselves.

    The collections adapt to any moment of the day, guaranteeing the consumer the opportunity to choose innovative outfits while maintaining their own personal style, thus meeting the needs of those looking for original and trendy items.

  • Armani Exchange

    Armani Exchange: the young fashion revolution

    Armani is a name that needs no introduction. The maison is not only one of the symbols of Made in Italy high fashion excellence all over the world, but also synonymous with timeless elegance. Armani Exchange is aimed at young and dynamic men and women, who do not want to compromise with quality but, at the same time, seek the practicality of a casual style.

    Armani Exchange is his young line with a casual and practical style, which reinterprets contemporary design in a youthful key. Thanks to the wide choice of accessories signed by the Italian brand, YOU WILL BE THE PROTAGONIST.

  • Ascot Sport

    The Ascot Sport man is timeless, dynamic, independent and cosmopolitan, with a determined gaze always turned towards the horizon.

    Since 1987 Ascot Sport has been constantly engaged in researching and creating a casual and elegant style that reflects the idea of a modern man.

    The total look collections for the updated man present a style and quality that are in step with the times but always at an affordable price.

    "Character, elegance and style fused in a combination of modern uniqueness"

  • Berna

    The Berna brand produces clothing and accessories for men and women, targeting a young and trendy audience. Fit, comfort and quality are combined with the actuality of the models.

  • Blauer

    The new Blauer collection is made for those who are determined and self-confident, with garments suitable for any occasion. The men's and women's jackets are offered in different models and colours, in matt or shiny nylon, in combinations of zip or button closures, in the versions with or without hood, for casual and sporty or refined and elegant looks. Come and choose your favorite jacket from Brogi!

  • Bomboogie

    Bomboogie is an Italian brand that comes from outerwear and extends to men's, women's and children's outfits.

    Bomboogie embodies the attitude of those who are willing to get involved and reinvent themselves by challenging the social changes. The look interprets those who have energy, determination, strength.

  • Bugatti

    Variety, innovation, tradition, joie de vivre and an international character are the secret of the success of our Bugatti products.

  • Calvin Klein

    Calvin Klein is an international lifestyle brand for men and women that represents bold and progressive ideals through a seductive and often minimalist aesthetic. He wants to excite and inspire his audience, through provocative images and extraordinary designs that involve all the senses.

  • Camouflage

    Simplicity and research. Self-affirmation and innovation. Identity, and desire for continuous improvement.

    The experience, character and passion of the Camouflage Ar and J brand have always been at the service of the quality of their product, with the continuous intention of combining in the best way, the perfect fit through the use of the finest materials. Today the Camouflage Ar and J brand is recognized on the market as Italian excellence, thanks to a production philosophy based on quality, research and excellence.

  • Chiara Ferragni

    Chiara Ferragni: her collection of accessories and footwear with a young and colorful design gives your outfit a jaunty air, for those with a cheerful and "colorful" personality.

  • Ciesse Piumini

    Dynamism, innovation and community. We Are is not just a status, but it is the synthesis of the new Ciesse Piumini world. A mission, a long-term goal that includes involvement and two-way communication with all our partners, with the aim of creating a cohesive community defined by a personality oriented towards adventure and movement.

  • Clarks

    From contemporary catwalk-inspired looks to the craft of the shoemaker, perfected over time, one name says it all: Clarks. As number one in the world in the creation of "everyday footwear", they design, innovate and produce over 50 million shoes every year.

  • Colmar

    The men's shoes collection perfectly combines the two souls of the brand: sportswear and urbanwear. Low sneakers for the sportiest looks and boots and combat boots for the coolest days. Travis or Bradbury: you will fall in love with the iconic Colmar Originals models, the women's collection is the perfect synthesis between sportswear and femininity. From the classic Colmar Originals winter sneakers, proposed with both low and high sole, to shoes with shiny inserts and rich in technical contents.

  • Cult

    Bold and unconventional, the Cult collection expresses the imagination of a metropolitan fashion lover who is not afraid to dare, thanks to its new proposals and the inevitable rock-soul boots. In addition to a restyling of the Best Seller families, which enriches the iconic Cult boots with rhinestones, chains and studs of different shapes, the women's proposals include the brand new versions of lace-up models, in as many heights, and a choice of boots that it goes from the amphibious boot, to the knee-high boots, passing through the stretch cuissard where the soles are accessorized with the iconic zip welt and the metal plate with the Cult logo, without forgetting the moccasins and the classic oxfords.

  • Desigual

    Desigual women's garments have a large catalog of garments designed for you, offering you a current and casual style, following the latest fashion trends for women without neglecting comfort. You will find items for the whole year, because we have both a spring / summer and another autumn / winter collection. In both collections you will find casual or urban style items for every day, such as jeans, crop tops, sweatshirts or youthful blouses. But if you are looking for a more elegant outfit to go to the office or other events, we recommend that you check the collection of short and long dresses, sweaters, blazers and accessories that will complete your look. In conclusion, if you are looking for clothes for a young, fun woman who is interested in the latest women's fashion trends, you will find them at Brogi.

  • Diadora

    Diadora is an Italian brand founded by Marcello Danieli in the late 1940s. Throughout its long history, the company has mainly focused on the production of sportswear, which has earned the trust of amateurs, professional athletes and world-class teams. Enjoy the Diadora Collection on Brogi: let us spoil you!

    Diadora collection, between style and comfort.

    Sports lovers will know Diadora and its innovative products. The brand has always stood out for the pursuit of perfection, the use of high quality materials and the use of the most modern technologies in terms of safety and performance. To make fashion lovers fall in love with its products, Diadora employs stylists and designers who are able to bring an extra touch of elegance to dresses, shoes, jackets and t-shirts, starting with its famous logo unmistakable.

  • EA7 Emporio Armani

    The EA7 collection produces sportswear for different disciplines, so each model is unique as it is specifically designed for the needs of these athletes. For these reasons, the garments in the collection complete the figure (perfect!), Especially among short shorts and long-sleeved shirts that accentuate the shapes of the man. The sports fashion proposed by EA7 is also perfect off the basketball court; at the launch of the spring summer 2013 series, Armani proposed a masculine style, a bit of a mix of sport and fashion, in short, sporty fashion! This year the designer created evening dresses for the opening ceremony and athletes for London. In short, style is always present in the Armani brand, even in the sports field.

  • Ecoalf

    "Ecoalf was born in 2009, both the name and the concept of the brand were born after the birth of my two sons: Alfredo and Álvaro. I wanted to create a truly sustainable fashion brand and I believed that the most sustainable thing to do was to stop using natural resources carelessly to ensure those of the next generation. Recycling could be a solution if we could make a new generation of recycled products with the same quality and design as the best non-recycled ones.

    12 years later, our mission and vision remains intact, if possible with more strength and clarity than ever.

    Our planet is shaking and we need to act. It's time to take responsibility. We believe we have a mission that goes beyond just business. Fashion is one of the largest consumer goods industries in the world and one of the most polluting. I believe the time when fashion was just about looking good is over. More than ever it's about doing what's right and feeling good about it. We have the ability and responsibility to rethink the business model we want for the future.

    Love and affection, "

  • Ellemme

    The Elle Emme artisan knitwear factory is a family business: since 1968 they have specialized in the production of men's knitwear. The business began in 1968 with the first productions destined for large-scale distribution, chain stores and some brands. Since then they have never stopped investing in innovation and sustainability without ever forgetting tradition and craftsmanship.

    Today the Ellemme brand is a reference for those looking for a medium / high quality product and medium-fine craftsmanship.

    Ellemme garments are characterized by minimal simplicity, an elegance that lasts over time.

    Versatile garments to be worn individually every day, or to be mixed to create a unique style and personal.

  • Emme Marella

    Emme Marella is a women's clothing brand that offers glamorous, contemporary and easy to wear fashion, an offer that ranges from dresses to outerwear, covering different styles, from basic to glam, from working time to easy wear. Collection dedicated to the modern and dynamic woman, who wants to please and like herself. Emme Marella srl is part of the Max Mara Fashion Group.

    Emme Marella proposes collections made of protagonist pieces that make up a transversal wardrobe. A wide range of colors and silhouettes, many fashion proposals rich in design and details that can be mixed to create infinite looks for every attitude: evening glam, working time or easy wear.

  • Fessura

    FESSURA is a young and dynamic brand, which does not simply aspire to create and design sneakers, but rather wants to innovate the way of interpreting and communicating style, reworking the process with which shoes are made. Discover the Brogi selection!

    FESSURA was born in Italy, in the heart of the Marche hills, with the aim of revolutionizing the world of sneakers by drawing inspiration from Tradition and focusing on innovation.

  • Fila

    Fila è uno dei più importanti brand del made in Italy nel campo dell'abbigliamento sportivo, presenta una ricca collezione adatta non solo all'attività sportiva, ma anche al tempo libero. Si tratta di una collezione uomo e donna dove puoi trovare scarpe da ginnastica per correre nel parco e felpe abbinate a pantaloni della tuta per il tempo libero in città. Tutti i modelli sono una qualità che sono da materiali di alta vestibilità comoda e un design minimalista: ecco perché sono intramontabili e sono stati scelti negli da molti campioni dello sport! Scopri la selezione di Brogi a prezzi imbattibili!

  • Fourten

    Four Ten Industry is an avant-garde brand that reinvents an indispensable classic of menswear with great creative flair, irreverence and contemporaneity. A unique and desirable concept for men who live the present, with audacity and courage. Practical and innovative outfits that revolutionize the fashion-sporty style, to give life to casual and decisive total look proposals: Trousers and jeans with a Made in Italy imprint, a guarantee of quality and high refinement.

  • Gant

    GANT is the future of American sportswear and has been a pioneer of preppy style since 1949. Founded by the Gantmacher family in the college town of New Haven, Connecticut, GANT has revolutionized the way the world dresses by creating sportswear icons. American. Today, we continue to defy convention and create clothes for the brave, the curious and the creative - a community of people who believe you should never stop learning.

  • Gas

    Gas is not just jeans. It is a style, a total look clothing that has denim in its DNA. Practicality and versatility are the cornerstones of the proposal. Products of the highest quality such as jackets, shirts and t-shirts, capable of responding to the needs of an intelligent and attentive consumer, international and cosmopolitan. A clothing with a contemporary taste but capable of overcoming the fashions of the moment, to express one's individuality on all occasions.

  • Gipsy

    Fashionable leather clothing for women and men was invented more than 100 years ago and was as trendy then as it is today. Each type of leather jacket is available in many different shapes and each one convinces with a variety of styles and color combinations.

    At Brogi Clothing you will find high quality leather jackets for him and her: find your new favorite garment right away!

  • Giulia

    Add colors to your style! Giulia is a style brand that offers a wide choice of models and colors to match any occasion. Choose the right shoe for you from Brogi!

    Iconic design, shape and colors perfect to match your everyday outfits.

    All Giulia products are consciously made in Spain by top-level artisans.

    With more than 40 colors available to order, you can choose from and you will always find a Giulia shoe to assert yourself!

    Order your favorite colors and join more than 35,000 Giulia addicted.

  • Goorin Bros

    Choose the Goorin Bros hat you like best from Brogi! Goorin Bros is a hat brand founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1895 by Cassel Goorin. The company has evolved over the decades, expanding to several cities across the United States and becoming one of the leading hat brands in the country.

  • Gran Sasso

    Maglificio Gran Sasso is a company that ranks among the leading exponents in the production and marketing of knitwear and casual clothing. The high quality of the products is guaranteed by the strong manual component that characterizes all stages of the production chain: each product is made by hand, with high craftsmanship techniques, to become an exclusive and recognizable object.

  • Griffai

    The value of a product is given by the experience, passion and attention of those who produce it. Each designer dress is imbued with the creativity of Scipione Tagliente. it is he personally, in fact, who conceives the most extravagant and innovative models and who chooses the best materials for his clothes. A brand designed for women and men who love a refined and elegant style. Choose the right Griffai outfit for you at Brogi!

  • Guess

    Guess: Hollywood glamor and French style.

    With its unmistakably glamorous and bold style, the Guess brand has become a reference point for fashion lovers from all over the world. The brand was founded in the early 1980s by four Marciano brothers born and raised between Paris and Marseille. Already owners of some clothing stores in France, the brothers went on vacation to California, fell madly in love with Los Angeles and decided to take their business abroad. The rest is history.

    Since then, Guess has been an iconic international young fashion brand, and its clothing and accessories have become objects of genuine desire. What has garnered so many favors among audiences around the world is the unique combination of the brand, whose DNA combines Californian inspiration with French style. Explore our full selection of dedicated brands and update your look with irresistible glamor.

  • Harmont & Blaine

    Harmont & Blaine is the Italian company, distinguished by the well-known Dachshund brand, which produces and distributes high-end smart upper-casual clothing intended for the premium segment of the market. Come and choose the right garment for you at Brogi!

    The brand is highly recognized in Italy and abroad for its ability to interpret the Mediterranean lifestyle, with collections characterized by high quality and the constant search for colours, shapes and new materials, which respond to the demands of an increasingly international consumer. careful and demanding. Over time it has consolidated its philosophy, expressing it today through the statement: feel good everyday style and becoming the point of reference for those who embrace a positive lifestyle and choose a relaxed but non-trivial style.

  • Iconique

    For a walk by the sea, for an aperitif on the beach, for a moonlight dinner and for all your special moments, choose to be ICONIQUE! Come and choose your Iconique outfit at Brogi!

    Iconique, born in 2012 as a line of cover-ups and beach accessories, is today a brand that offers over 150 models including kaftans, cover-ups, dresses and suits in cotton, linen and silk for a refined and fashionable holiday look from morning to night. Inspired by the contemporary woman attentive to current trends, the brand is designed in Italy with collections from natural fabrics and chic and refined lines.

  • Il Granchio Collection

    Il Granchio is a historic Italian brand of clothing for men and women that unites several parts of the country, between Tuscan history and Venetian ingenuity. The brand expresses Italian style and know-how in every detail. Italian designers of textiles, accessories and patterns take care of style and product choices to create exclusive proposals, often unobtainable elsewhere.

    Come and choose your favorite item Il Granchio Collection at Brogi!

  • In My Hood

    The brand speaks of men who live everyday reality without giving up their dreams. Men who dare to always be themselves, who prefer a personal style of clothing, don't imitate styles that don't represent them. They are everyday heroes, free to choose. Choose your In My Hood outfit from Brogi!

  • John Richmond

    Welcome to the world of Richmond, a luxury fashion brand that embodies timeless style and elegance. Founded with a vision to create garments that express personality and exclusivity, Richmond has become synonymous with quality and refinement. Come and choose your Richmond garment from Brogi. Richmond's collections are characterized by careful attention to detail, rich fabrics and a unique fusion of classic and contemporary design. Each garment is crafted with expert craftsmanship, ensuring a perfect fit and uncompromising comfort. High-quality materials, impeccable cuts and distinctive details are at the heart of Richmond's creations. Each garment is designed to enhance the wearer's personality, creating a lasting impression on every occasion. Choose Richmond to stand out with timeless elegance and unmatched attention to detail. Explore our collection and discover the experience of wearing luxury pieces that will make you feel confident and flawless at all times.

  • Kendall + Kylie

    KENDALL + KYLIE is a global lifestyle brand created by beloved style icons and fashion authorities, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. With a unique and  unparalleled presence across the digital landscape, Kendall and Kylie have defined themselves as two of the most popular icons and personalities of this generation. Their clothing captures the unpredictable essence of today's young fashion lover: confident, stylish, on trend and in charge. Starting in 2012, the Jenner sisters launched a highly successful juniors collection with Pacsun, sprouting numerous follow-up seasons and an unabashedly loyal fandom. Three years later, Kendall and Kylie collaborated with Topshop to create a series of California-inspired capsule collections, exclusive to the British-born retailer. Come and discover the whole collection at Brogi!

  • Kontatto

    Born in 1995 from the heart and farsighted mind of Federico Ballandi, still at the head of the company together with the partners Gianluca Goldoni and Stefano Trecchi. The need to express the idea of knitwear that rests delicately on the skin, with touch and in contact, inspired the name. However, today Kontatto is not just knitwear, but a company specialized in the production and distribution of 100% made in Italy women's clothing. The headquarters has always been in the Centergross of Bologna, a strategic pole for the fashion trade and economy. They are driven by passion, energy, intuition, the ability to adapt to trends and predict them. Now as then. Come and choose your Kontatto outfit from Brogi!

  • Koralline

    Koralline is a women's fashion brand born in 2005, from the idea of a group of entrepreneurs determined to undertake a new fashion project. Inserted within the textile district of Prato (PO), the brand is now distributed through over 1200 stores in Italy and Europe.

    From the design of the garment, to the choice of materials, to the details, passing through the modeling: everything originates within their structure to guarantee the quality and originality of a 100% Italian style product. The Koralline collection is divided into what they define as 3 "macro moments".

    Come and choose your favorite Koralline garment from Brogi!

  • Love Moschino

    Love Moschino is known for its casual clothing collection, featuring fun and colorful patterns, bold graphics and the use of high-quality fabrics. At Brogi you can find the women's clothing collection, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and jeans, but also bags, wallets and accessories. The brand has been able to stand out in the fashion world thanks to its playful and lively approach, which is reflected in each piece of the collection. The Love Moschino line has been designed for the modern consumer, who seeks to stand out from the crowd with a unique and original style.

  • Lyle & Scott

    A brand appreciated by all the young people in the UK, as well as by all the trendy young people in Europe. Indeed, the acclaimed Lyle & Scott Vintage collection has been launched in recent years. Shirts, jackets and polo shirts are real must-haves. In a sense, they have become part of the everyday outfit of rock stars like Pete Doherty, the Arctic Monkeys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A true style icon, usually paired with skinny jeans and sneakers. Buying in the Brogi online store means safer shopping and free shipping for orders over €89 and you can pay as you prefer!

  • Manifattura Borghese

    Manifattura Borghese is a brand that produces trousers by proposing classic fashion details in a modern key. Tailoring quality that flatters the figure with a perfect fit. Classic style pant, offering warmth and protection for all weather conditions.

    Trousers as components of an innovative lexicon of elegance. Style as a search for an unprecedented art of dressing that gives pleasure first to oneself, then to the world. Attitude to color as the emblem of a renewed enthusiasm, expressed in a contemporary aesthetic that draws on a well-rooted tradition but always open to original experiences. Come and choose the right trousers for you at Brogi!

  • Manuel Ritz

    With a tradition that has continued since the 1980s, the famous Italian brand Manuel Ritz seems to have found the secret of immortality: clean, simple lines and the ability to add a sporty touch to each piece. Style burns through the pieces in the collection, giving each style the allure of a refined Manuel Ritz look. Wearing one of these dresses, you become an ambassador of a timeless style, defined by refined details and precious fabrics: it's like walking into the sanctuary of the most sublime aesthetics. All Manuel Ritz garments, from short and delicate coats to sweaters, embody a fashion that accentuates your individuality without destroying it: each garment can be combined with a brother in the collection, always guaranteeing you the advantages of facing life with freshness. The colored threads chase each other in a tasteful classic design, in perfect harmony with all the shapes of the fabric.

  • Marella

    Marella: Since 1976 this name has been associated with a simple but elegant femininity. As one of the brands of the Italian Max Mara group, Marella's style and autonomy have transformed over the years into an important and well-known collection. In one adjective, Marella's women's clothing can be simply defined as chic: class and sophistication obtained by creating essential classic garments, such as jackets and suits, combined with more casual and easy-to-wear garments. Designed for the modern and dynamic woman who wants to feel refined and seductive in every situation. The Marella women's collection stands out for the wide choice of clothing: from outerwear (the main product of the collection) to knit dresses from the tricot collection, to elegant suits for a total look that is well suited to everyday life and to feel at ease in any occasion. Sophisticated silhouettes, shades ranging from bright coral to classic beige or black, Italian tailoring and high quality fabrics: Marella fashion knows how to embellish the female form, offering them the latest collections, every season, but always feminine Modernized and refined!

  • Materica

    A womenswear brand that offers high quality and fashionable coats, jackets and trousers is Materica known for its elegant and sophisticated style, using only the best fabrics and working with the best artisans to create high quality garments. The brand offers a wide range of coats, jackets and trousers to suit the different tastes and styles of its customers, and their creations are often worn by celebrities and successful businesswomen. Choose the right garment for you from Brogi!

  • Milestone

    Discover the whole range of MILESTONE jackets for men! Trendy designs of the highest quality await you in the Milestone range. Classics with that certain something, that's what MILESTONE is all about. In addition to leather jackets or vests, you will also find quilted jackets, down jackets, vests or field jackets. All models impress with high-quality and innovative materials, finished in trendy colors ranging from simple tones to exciting accents.

    Your perfect companion is waiting for you: secure your MILESTONE men's jacket from Brogi!

  • Molly Bracken

    Molly Bracken offers a timeless collection with exclusive prints. Shapes, materials, colors to accompany the day of the active woman, looking for a wide range of comfortable outfits and resolutely feminine and responsible fashion at affordable prices. Come and discover the whole collection at Brogi!

  • Mulish

    Jackets, suits and tailored coats for men: all this is Mulish! If you are looking for an elegant brand, which knows how to stand out for its different and modern (but not too classic) style, this is just the one for you!

    It is tailored men's clothing that comes from the brilliant idea of Daniele Gervasio. By now Mulish has been present in the fashion world for more than twenty years, so he is strong in his wealth of experience. Over time, the brand has been able to preserve its elegant style without losing sight of modernity: its strong point is precisely this, that is, knowing how to combine classic refinement and modern elegance. Mulish garments, designed and produced in Italy, combine rigorous tradition, Neapolitan eclecticism and style innovation. The canons of Italian tailoring blend with an everyday informal elegance with an international flavor. Come and choose the right garment for you from Brogi!

  • Napapijri

    If for you life is a journey outside the box and when you hear a cliché you immediately think about how to get out of it, then Napapijri is one of the clothing brands that will fully satisfy your thirst for freedom. Browse the Napapijri catalog at Brogi to find clothing for your outdoor adventures.

    From cool colorful printed tees to warm Burgee hoodies. Let yourself be conquered by versatile tops and trousers designed for excursions in nature or to express your maverick style in the urban jungle.

    To keep you warm in winter, choose a soft duvet or the timeless rainforest. Wear it with a black or white coat for a classic look, or stand out on a rainy day with a brightly colored coat.

  • No Name

    NO NAME is an innovative menswear brand that stands out for its uncompromising philosophy and unique approach to fashion. The name of the brand itself, "NO NAME" (which means "without a name" in English), represents the idea of challenging conventions and creating a style without limits and without labels.

    NO NAME's mission is to offer high quality clothes that are both distinctive and timeless. The brand focuses on craftsmanship and high-precision manufacturing, using fine fabrics and refined details to create garments that stand out for their elegance and sophistication.

  • North Sails

    In 1987 the experience accumulated in the field of regattas is reflected in a series of garments with a functional design, resistant materials and innovative technology. The desire to broaden the horizons of fashion is also strongly present in the new North Sails collection, designed to allow consumers to focus on what matters: facing challenging crossroads or, more simply, not getting lost in urban life. Come and discover the collection at Brogi!

  • PennyBlack

    Part of the Max Mara Group, Pennyblack is made of prints and colors that mix and reinterpret season after season. The secret to a well-groomed but slightly imperfect look is in the right mix. The garments combine practicality and style, to accompany non-stop days from work to evening out. Come and choose from Brogi the Pennyblack garment that is right for you!

  • Pepe Jeans

    Born in 1973 in the streets of Portobello, worn today all over the world. As pioneers, they have constantly reinvented the definition of denim to keep up with the trends. Pepe Jeans is an emblematic brand, synonymous with denim and limitless creativity. This brand is self-confidence, uniqueness and authenticity. Choose the right Pepe Jeans garment for you at Brogi!

  • Ralph Lauren

    The Polo Ralph Lauren line is one of the most famous and recognizable of the brand. The name comes from the classic Ralph Lauren polo, a short-sleeved T-shirt with a small horse and rider logo sewn onto the chest. This tee has become an icon of the brand's preppy and traditional style. The Polo Ralph Lauren line features a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, including T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, coats and jackets. The look is casual yet elegant, with a focus on quality fabrics and classic details. The line also includes a selection of shoes and accessories, such as belts and hats.

    In addition to the traditional clothing line, Polo Ralph Lauren also offers a sportswear line that includes tops, sweatshirts, and jogging bottoms. The sportswear line is designed to be comfortable and functional, yet elegant and stylish. Come and choose the right outfit for you at Brogi!

  • Refrigiwear

    RefrigiWear is an American brand that specializes in warm and weatherproof clothing. Established in 1954, the brand is known for its range of warm coats, jackets and vests that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. RefrigiWear garments are made with water and wind resistant fabrics and padding in fleece and warm synthetic fabrics, to provide effective thermal protection.

    Furthermore, RefrigiWear offers a wide range of outerwear for men and women such as jackets, coats and parkas, all made with high quality fabrics and characterized by a fashionable and functional design. In particular, RefrigiWear coats are designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions, such as intense cold and snow, while keeping the body warm.

  • Rosi Collection

    Located in the heart of Tuscany, the Rosi Collection has always been synonymous with creativity and elegance: a brand of men's fashion accessories, exclusively Made in Italy, which has made craftsmanship and attention to detail its main stylistic features.

    From ties to pocket squares, from bow ties to scarves, passing through gloves, caps, bandanas and swimwear: the creations by Rosi Collection are not simple accessories, but structural and compositional elements capable of determining relationships and balances between the different parts of the clothing and of the body. Indispensable style details capable of expressing the personality of the wearer.

  • Roy Roger's

    Roy Roger's clothing brand is an Italian company that produces casual clothing and denim. Founded in 1957, the company has become known for its production of high quality jeans and its use of high quality fabrics and materials. The brand stands out for the use of quality fabrics and attention to detail and cuts, offering trendy and fashionable clothing.

  • Tagliente

    The Tagliente collections, including YOUNG LINE, YOUNG CLASSIC LINE and CLASSIC LINE, are created through the precious collaboration of expert pattern makers and stylists, distinguished by clarity and individuality in style and design, combining tradition with current fashion trends. The recently launched spring/summer collection is part of a collection expansion and line diversification. Choose the right product for you from Brogi!

  • The North Face

    When the call of nature becomes so strong that it is impossible to resist, the only thing to do is put on the best equipment and set off on unbeaten roads. The American brand The North Face embodies exactly this adventurous spirit, presenting itself to the whole world under the motto of "Never Stop Exploring". So if you can't wait to leave for an excursion, put on your The North Face clothing at Brogi and hit the road.

    The North Face is an American company of outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories. Founded in 1966, the company has specialized in clothing and equipment for extreme sports such as mountaineering, hiking and camping. The North Face has become one of the most popular and respected brands in the outdoor industry, with a huge product range that includes jackets, fleeces, backpacks, tents and more. The company is known for the quality of its products and its commitment to the environment and sustainability.

  • Tommy Jeans

    Do you want to boost your image with exclusive clothing and accessories? The Tommy Jeans collection by Tommy Hilfiger is the one for you! This new line is based on three key elements: denim, the 90s and pop culture. The brand goes back to its roots and re-proposes the garments that made it famous with a touch of originality, perfect to be worn both at university and on vacation. And as for inspiration, don't miss Brogi's virtual shop windows! You will find blazers, mandarin collar shirts and many other interesting fashion proposals. Show off a modern and alternative style with the Tommy Jeans collection and don't go unnoticed!

  • Union Clothing

    Union offers a wide range of men's casual clothing including quality t-shirts, polo shirts, knitwear, trousers etc. at an affordable price. Union products are made with high quality fabrics and feature a simple yet trendy design. In addition, Union clothing is available in a wide range of sizes and colours, making it suitable for a wide range of customers.

  • Vicolo

    Vicolo is an Italian women's clothing brand, founded in 2009. The brand offers trendy garments, with clean lines and with a strong attention to detail and quality of fabrics. Vicolo is lightness, elegance and experimentation. New items every week, colors and patterns for a lifestyle balanced between sartorial suggestions and street-style references. Ideal for those who love to change and mix different styles, suitable for any occasion.

  • Wrangler

    Wrangler is a brand that produces high quality denim for everyday use. From the beginning, their inspiration has been adventure. They think that clothing should be designed according to the real needs of the people who wear it.

    This has been the case ever since Wrangler was born in 1947 in Greensboro, North Carolina, on a foundation of innovation and with the idea of creating the best jeans, jackets or shirts for cowboys. We added special features designed to increase the functionality of the jeans: flat rivets to not scratch the saddle, pockets for the watch, flat seams for a more comfortable ride and seven belt loops instead of the traditional five.

  • XT Studio

    XT Studio is a brand born on two pillars: fast & smart.

    The word "smart" is used to describe clothing that fits well in formal and professional situations, yet is comfortable to wear at the same time. Typically, smart clothing is well-cut and of good quality, and often includes details like mother-of-pearl buttons or luxurious fabrics.

    The word "fast" refers to the speed with which new fashion trends are launched. XT Studio is a company that quickly launches new collections or new styles to keep up with the latest trends.

    In general, XT Studio offers a wide range of fashion options to meet the needs of all women, offering both elegant and formal garments and trendy and trendy garments.



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